CNC Precision Engineering

Precision machining is the process of removing excess raw material while holding close tolerance finishes to create a finished product. This is completed by using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. It involves processes like turning, milling, and slotting.


Plant & Equipment

We have the full range of CNC machines from basic 2 axis lathes, 3 axis mills through to full 5 axis simultaneous machining centres and 7 axis simultaneous CNC lathes. Single spindle lathes, dual spindle lathes, single spindle mill/turn, dual spindle mill/turn, CNC sliding head lathes. 3axis, 4axis, 5 axis and 5 axis simultaneous machining centres and a CNC slotting machine for internal keyways and splines.

Tell us your requirements

Let us know what you need machined and the dimensions, what material it needs to be made out of and when you need it by. If you don’t know this just yet, get in contact and we can still help.

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